Homemade Air Conditioner DIY – The “5 Gallon Bucket” Air Cooler! DIY- can be solar powered!

how to create a non-compressor based “5 gallon bucket” air conditioner. easy DIY. products needed: bucket, styrofoam lining, pvc pipe, tiny enthusiast, plus ice. (small…
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Barrowed transportable air conditioner to hold me out until central inside my home is repaired BUT the exhaust adapter has been misplaced plus these units will NOT run …


  1. Oliver Suba says

    Can you comment on how this compares to the unit you made using a fan, copper pipe, and a pump?

  2. Camper Hollow - Off Grid Tent Living says

    It looks like it would work in a tent.

  3. John Doe says

    Nice one yet! quick question, where did you get the Styrofoam liner? thanks

  4. lothre says

    Save your money. this does not work. 2-3 degree coller at best and only if you are right in front of it

  5. Bill Stearns says

    GREAT VIDEO! Where do you get the bucket liner at? I have never seen them before.

  6. Paul Mathews says

    Want to build one of these for my off grid home, freeze bottles of water during the day store them in eskys and use them as needed, in an esky a bottle should last a day or more at least and then just freeze more as needed :)

    Just point it at ya on the lounge or when in bed and enjoy :)

    Thanks for the video.

  7. B Miller says

    I have two places to use this; one in the car for my daughter who reads books there while I play tennis and also to use when we’re camping. Camping in Florida is no treat in the summer since you can’t get a good nights sleep in a sweltering tent, but this should do the job nicely for a 4 person tent and a single jug will keep it cool until the coolest part of the night is reached, and if need be a 2nd jug kept in a cooler can be swapped in for the balance of the night… very clever idea!

  8. Jess Miller says

    Could you test and report on how long it would take to freeze 2 gallon jugs in the low energy fridge? Curious if it’s freezing rate can keep up with the length of time they last in this bucket cooler (which you said was about 5 hours, right?). Ideally you could freeze another in less than 5 hours, which would mean you could feed two of these bucket coolers continuously… It also would be interesting for someone in the know to calculate the BTUs from these coolers…

  9. TheWoodWerker says

    Aaaw Man Big Daddy! You got the wrong color bucket! You gotta use the BLUE one! ( I think we ALL know where you can buy the BLUE bucket…smile). Great job Man! The best DIY a/c I’ve seen yet!

  10. apples13able says

    I was about to ask where you got the styro liner, couldn’t find them online, but I went into Home Crapo and there they were on sale for $2 a piece so I got three.

  11. WorkFreeWizard says

    thanks for the vids. wanting to go off grid soon so this info is great.

  12. desertsun02 says

    i’d say the best one overall is the one i made using a white styrofoam ice chest. i say it’s the best because it holds a huge block of ice, can last for 10 hours, has a very strong air flow and i think it cost the least to build. but this one and the copper coil one are a close 2nd and 3rd. if you live in a dry climate the 5 gallon bucket evap. air cooler works great too. and you don’t even need ice for it.

  13. desertsun02 says

    yep. and that little solar powered fridge can freeze full gallon jugs. with just a few solar panels you can run both things and get cool air.

  14. desertsun02 says

    hi there, i got the styrofoam liner from home depot. it’s specifically made to fit a 5 gallon bucket. it’s intended purpose is to turn a 5 gallon bucket into an ice chest. a really good buy for only $2.00

  15. xxbluejay21 says

    Hey which one’s better, this one or the one with the fan an the copper coils? Thanks for the videos!

  16. WORRO01 says

    Love it!!
    Think about this man,, you can use that nice little fridge of yours (on solar) to make your ice, then use this bucket conditioner to cool using that ice… cool ideas buddy!

  17. apples13able says

    This is an easy way to give my truck air conditioning!
    My dog will appreciate this!
    Again, thanx!

  18. apples13able says

    That could save a life during a heat wave!
    Your vids are firing on all cylinders.

  19. cashe18 says

    Make sure you cover the hole well inside the grove. As the fan WILL suck in the already heated exhaust. In the video you see I covered the inside wall with duct tape. But cut a cardboard box and roll to a tube shape, then slide it in the exhaust hole. then slide the 6in tube on it.

  20. esqueue says

    Like the warning you gave someone in the comments below. I used the 4″ despite saying that I would use the 6″ and it would run for only a few minutes before the compressor shut off. Not enough air flow.

  21. cashe18 says

    It worked GREAT for me. Used it for about a month. Thanks for watching

  22. esqueue says

    Funny how I was thinking of doing the exact thing with dryer duct, tape and cardboard. I will do the exact thing but I will use a larger exhaust to avoid any restriction. thanks as I know that it will work.

  23. cashe18 says

    While I was searching online for a place to buy the exhaust adapter before I decided to make my own, I think I recall this make and model which I show in this video is 8000 BTUs. Thanks for Watching

  24. cashe18 says

    IF you are going to use it long term, I recommend a minor modification.. Buy a 6 inch tube instead. Create a cardboard tube to slip in the exhaust of the AC unit. make sure you duct tape the cardboard together into a tube. With about 3 inches sticking out. Slip the Hose on. and duct tape it in place.
    What I found was the heat from exhaust would cause the duct tape to unstick after a few days causing the heat to return in unit. causing it not to cool as well and even the compressor turns off.

  25. Shawn Depasquale says

    you just saved me in this heat wave. I have an identical unit. gonna go out and do this tomorrow morning!!